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actively seek ways to generate prosperity and sustainable development in the areas of influence where we are present, respecting and promoting their culture, traditions and values, with particular attention to the most vulnerable groups.


Help preserve the environment and landscape environment, ensuring the impact of our activities and promoting awareness of sustainability in all our stakeholders.


Bring our professionalism and dimension to build lasting relationships based on trust, respect and mutual benefit.


Offer the best opportunities for professional development from the stability of a family business and the strength of a large firm, who knows recognize equity commitment, talent and achievement.


Manage the company with criteria of transparency, rigor and good governance, to achieve profitability and increase value in the medium and long term.


Provide comprehensive services for the best return on their investment, managing with professionalism, seriousness and confidence of a firm reputation



1 Scope

This plan is applicable to all our workplaces, subject to the specific measures that could be set according to the specific needs of each workplace characteristics. It will also be a reference implementation framework subject to local regulations,

2 Axles action

Consistent with the diagnostic results, the equality plan is structured in seven areas of action:

  1. Culture and Communication
  2. Selection
  3. Training and Professional Development
  4. Remuneration
  5. Conciliation and responsibility
  6. Prevention of mobbing
  7. Measures to support women victims of gender violence

For each of the axes of action are described:

  1. Objectives to achieve
  2. concrete actions to achieve the objectives These objectives and actions are included in a schedule, in which the areas of responsibility and commitment to the dates specified period

implementation of each of the shares.


Objective 1.1 To promote a culture of equality ensuring the principle of equal treatment and opportunities for men and women


1.1.1. Keep the Equality Commission and draw up rules of operation thereof.

1.1.2. Define the indicators that the company will bring, with the periodicity agreed in the Equality Commission to measure progress of equality.

1.1.3. The new personnel receive specific training on the principles of equality in the company, the plan of equality and harassment prevention protocol.

Dissemination Objetive 1.2 equality plan


1.2.1. The Equality Commission shall ensure compliance with the plan of equality in all workplaces of the company.

Specific training will be given to all persons who assume this function.

Objective 1.3 Awareness for equality


1.3.1. All persons responsible for the personnel management processes (recruitment, remuneration, promotion and professional development) and union representatives receive specific training on equal treatment and opportunities for women and men. Planning agreed at the Equality Commission and ensure that the first session is face.

1.3.2. the working procedures of the business units where women are under-represented be reviewed, trying to detect a barrier to women’s access to these positions, establishing the necessary improvements to remove these barriers

Objective 1.4 Give periodic monitoring to the opinion of employees and employees on equality


1.4.1. Include questions related to equal opportunities and reconciliation possible working environment surveys that could be done in the future, aimed at people who make up the staff.

1.4.2. Establish an improvement plan from the results that they present.

Objective 1.5 Strengthen the culture of equality, both internally and externally


1.5.1. Conduct a specific communication plan aimed at all staff on the issue of equality and report annually (unless a lower frequency is considered in any subject) progress of the plan through formal channels of communication available.

Objective 1.6 Ensure mainstreaming gender in implementing any obligation concerning the prevention of occupational risks


1.6.1 Risk assessment and planning of preventive activity will take into account the diversity and shall consider gender differences and all health risks (safety, chemical, biological and physical agents, musculoskeletal and psychosocial risks) , so that prevention policies and practices are responsive to all the working conditions of men and women.

1.6.4. Ensure compliance with the LPRL (Article 26 of the Law 31 / 1995 Prevention of Occupational Risks -adaptation change of work position-)

1.6.5. Disseminate legislative reforms produced by the Law 3/2007 of 22 March for Effective Equality of Women and Men and the RD 295/2009 of March 6 that develops regarding Social Security benefits


Objective 2.1 To ensure non-discriminatory selection and the incorporation of women in those areas, groups and places where their representation is less, based on the policy and selection process of the company


2.1.1. Establish agreements with training centers in different localities where

Gamesa has workplaces, to facilitate the entry of women and men

according to technical positions required in the enterprise.

2.1.2. Check and maintain the company’s commitment to equality and non-discrimination in the documents comprising the selection process.

2.1.3. Ads and selection criteria not contain requirements that will be relevant for the exercise of work, presented prevent or select persons of a particular gender.

PILLAR 3: Training and Professional Development

Objective 3.1 Promote equal opportunities for women and men in professional development and promotion


3.1.1. Keep identification programs internal talent for making available a base of qualified women and men with the potential to promote to positions of responsibility, ensuring that the percentage of women is at least equal to the percentage of women in the workforce of Gamesa.

Objective 3.2 To ensure that the reconciliation of work and family life is not a disincentive for professionals who want to promote to jobs with more responsibility


3.2.1 To promote access to training staff to leave, reduced working hours or any other situation related to the reconciliation of personal life.

Objective 3.3 Encourage promotion professionals to all categories, functions and jobs which are under-represented


3.3.1. Train workers to access jobs of low female presence.



Objective 4.1 To ensure the effective application of the principle of equal pay for work of equal value and, in particular, the absence of wage differences gender


4.1.1 The Equality Commission will make an analysis of the remuneration policy of the company from a gender perspective, in order to detect possible discriminatory elements, and if detected correct.

4.1.3 Correcting the gender pay gap that could be detected by other means.

4.1.4 To ensure equal treatment in the application of the compensation system for people who are using any measure of personal, family and professional reconciliation.


Objective 5.1 Promote a culture that facilitates the reconciliation of work and family life and responsibility, ensuring that the exercise of these rights does not have negative consequences in the professional field, given its special impact on the female population


5.1.1. Educate and inform staff about the importance of responsibility in family commitments. equal obligations propitiate specifically for the care of dependents and

raising awareness of family responsibilities and balanced distribution of tasks.


Objective 6.1 Ensure compliance harassment prevention protocol


6.1.1. Review the protocol harassment within 6 months from the signing of this agreement, that remains valid until the signing of the new protocol.

6.1.2 Conduct a specific communication plan aimed at all employees and employees in connection with the harassment prevention protocol.


The company guarantees that employed victims of gender violence have rights under the Workers’ Statute, following the entry into force of the Organic Law 1/2004 on Comprehensive Protection Measures against Gender Violence December 28 2004:

In addition to the legally established, the company will implement the following measures:

  1. a) Provide staff people who are victims of gender violence continued employment.
  2. c) Preference to fill vacancies generated outside the place of habitual residence without following the procedure conventionally provided coverage.



This plan will be valid from the date of its signature until 31 December 2017. If not completed its term a new plan is agreed, the content thereof is extended until the signing of a new agreement.

Throughout this period will be held monitor the implementation of planned actions and a detailed report on the progress of the plan annually, which will be discussed within the Equality Commission will be prepared.



O SEMÁFORO DE FISTERRA, responsible company in the area, is committed to the care and respect for the environment in the daily exercise of their activities.


To make this commitment a reality, O semaphore FISTERRA considered necessary the maximum involvement of the entire company and all its employees by implementing efficient solutions and finding sustainable and innovative alternatives for its headquarters, services and products establishments.


That is why we adopted this Environmental Policy which provides the framework for setting and reviewing environmental objectives and targets, based on the following Decalogue:

  • Apply environmental criteria in all planning and decision-making on issues that might affect the environment.
  • Comply with environmental legislation that is applicable to our activities and commitments voluntarily.
  • Implement the necessary tools to prevent contamination.
  • rational use of resources, minimizing the consumption of water, paper and energy; reducing the generation of waste and emissions; promoting recycling and looking for eco-efficient solutions.
  • Involve all employees of the chain in achieving environmental objectives proposed by training and awareness programs.
  • To promote good environmental practices among our suppliers and customers.
  • To contribute to the research, development and dissemination of scientific and technological knowledge for the preservation of the environment.
  • Collaborate with government and industry organizations in the definition and implementation of the conditions of development of sustainable tourism.
  • Contribute to our activities to improve environmental conditions in the area where we operate, identifying areas for improvement and working on efficient solutions tailored to each environment.
  • Commitment to continuous improvement in all those environmental aspects that the company identified.
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