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In the port of Fisterra, you get on the boat from where appreciate Langosteira beach and beach Serra. You continue along the rocky coast with its small coves and get to the beach Sardiñeiro. At this time, the sun drops behind the mountains and the day seems to have come to an end. The ship continues its route along the beach Estorde, to the point that can be seen in the distance Corcubión and Cee, then sets sail to the lighthouse of Fisterra, to skirt around it. Suddenly the sun appears in full implementation tinting the sky red, the ship’s horn sounds in the ocean greeting the pilgrims who observe the phenomenon from the lighthouse.


Meet in a personalized way and with maximum comfort, in our minivan 9 seats, “FISTERRA TOURS”, the places where the most famous shipwrecks in the history of Galicia took place. THE SERPENT, shipwreck highest number of fatalities, buried in the famous English Cemetery in Camarinas, Cason that ran aground in 1987 on the coast of Finisterre, and lately THE PRESTIGE, which left in its wake across the coast and especially in Muxia, sinking real Ground zero.

In this fantastic journey across the Costa da Morte, also we visit the Museum of MAN in Camelle, FARO VILAN in Camariñas, Sanctuary on Muxía da Barca, and LIGHTHOUSE FISTERRA, true Fin da Terra known, it was already recognized as such by the Greeks and Romans in ancient times.

In this impressive route we are able to know in situ as the encaixe handmade works, and visit some of the most important artistic monuments of the region, such as the Romanesque Iglesa of San Xulián of Moraime (s. XIII).

Price: 30 € person with guide service. More than 4 pax: 100 € max.
Departures: From anywhere in Costa da Morte at 10 am and at 4 pm.

Professional licensed guide, several languages: English, French, Castilian, Portuguese


You can make different dives according to your category and level. To get started, nothing better than diving baptism, your first underwater experience. If what you want is to go beyond the diving course you get the Open Water Diver. If you have the PDL, AQUC, FEDAS, etc., upon confirmation of the same degree, you can start to dive.

A RIB you closer to the vicinity of Lobeira Island, for practicing the method chosen. By the way, visits shipwrecks like the “Maria del Carmen” (1900), “Montparnasse” (1940) and remains of the flotilla of “Martin de Padilla” of the sixteenth century.


Test your adrenaline, and practice an activity full of excitement, adventure, skill, and coordination. You will surprise yourself with how quickly he learns to handle the table. It is a kind of surf camp designed for all audiences: families, gangs, intrepid adventure lovers parents with teenage children, children, etc. In summary a package of activities designed for everyone.
The activity is carried on horseback between two of the most beautiful beaches of Costa da Morte: Estorde and Nemiña.

The courses are four days:

Day 1: Lecture (1 hour) + waveless practice (1 hour)

following 3 days: practice with waves (2 hours each day)
The company provides the material: Tables, costumes, chord joining the table, parafina..etc

The activities of the first day unfold on the beach of Estorde (Cee) and Nemiña beach, with waves practices.

Come try it … you will repeat !!


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